Accounting Software

Accounting Software

Accounting services for * newly Start-Up Company $30 per month

You use our online accounting soEasy software at www.accountingsoeasy to help you manage your accounting functions, 24/7 anytime and anywhere. Our accountant can help to review the allocated account codes, make necessary adjustments , pass depreciation, accrual journals and do bank reconciliation and finalize your annual accounts. Our accounting soEasy software will provide all key reports for you to manage your business and cash flow.

Our Accounting services to review your monthly, quarterly or yearly from $100 per month by accountants will free you to focus on your core business activities - sales and production

  • Compilation of Accounts – annual unaudited accounts to be submitted to ACRA and IRAS Read more
  • Corporate Taxation – Form C and tax computation & schedules Read more

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New Start Up company is a company incorporated less than 3 years ago. This company must enjoy full tax exemption of first $100,000 tax.

Accounting Software

For subscription of our online accounting software called Accounting "soEasy" to manage your accounting activities of your business.
  • Free training at our office or over the phone.
  • Help and support on our "hot line".
  • Invoice / Quote to prepare for goods and services rendered to your customers.

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Compilation of Accounts

Once the annual financial statements are approved by you, we will proceed to compile the accounts according to International Financial Reporting Standards with profit & loss statement, balance sheet statement, equity statement, cash flow statements and notes to the financial statements.

Corporate Taxation

For each Year of Assessment, we will prepare the tax computation and supporting tax schedules, including filing Form C and appendices. The tax computation will be done by taking the benefits of current tax laws applicable to your case. We will file the Form C and supporting documents to IRAS before the due date.